How to grow Bigger Biceps

If you are still searching for How to grow Bigger Biceps and Haven’t succeeded then you are at the right place because in this article we are going to discuss and guide you on how you can grow your biceps. The bicep is one of the muscles that are visible more than other muscles. It is very attractive and very necessary to grow it properly.

There are a lot of people who have problems growing their biceps, that’s why we are going to guide you step by step about how to get bigger biceps. So keep reading the article till the end to get the proper guidance.

Mistakes while growing biceps

First of all, you need to understand the mistakes that you are making to grow your biceps. There are lots of reasons and mistakes that you make while doing a workout. Let’s discuss it in detail.


This is one of the major mistakes that a young bodybuilder makes. Because if you don’t give proper nutrition after a workout then it is not effective for your body and your workout is worthless. It does not matter how many wraps of workout you perform and how many times it will perform, it matters how much nutrition you provide to your muscles. It is just not for bicep muscle, it is for all types of muscle.

In nutrition, you need the right amount of protein, a good amount of carbohydrates, fats, water, minerals, etc. 

Lack of intensity:-

Many of us are doing proper exercise as well as consuming proper nutrition and diet plans. But still, they haven’t grown their muscle properly, in that case, lack of intensity can be a factor that affects you. Because many times we work out in a gym but our mind is still thinking about other work. So in that case your muscle will not grow properly.

For example, if you are working on your biceps then your whole mind will be focused on the biceps that help you to grow quickly. You must perform your set in increasing order with increasing your weight.

Less knowledge:- 

Many people don’t know which type of exercise they want to do while working on any muscle. Because it is very necessary to know your muscle function and proper exercise. If you want to train your biceps then you must know how many types of biceps are available in your body and how you can train different types of biceps with different types of exercises.

 Types of biceps 💪

Two types of biceps are Brachialis and let us discuss it in detail:-


The outer part of your arm is called Brachialis. In maximum cases, beginners have very weak brachialis. 


In Brachial there are two types of Brachial in your arm, which are long head brachial and short head brachial. The peak of your bicep is called Long head Brachial.

You must train all three parts of your biceps. If you are a beginner then the probability of training only one part of the biceps is very high.

Tips to grow bigger biceps

Wrist and elbow placement:-

Whenever your elbows are inward and your wrists are outwards then you will train your short head and with that long head as well. But majorly focus on short heads.

Straight curls

When you perform Straight curls that time you are long head and short head both will train at the same time which means your Brachial muscle will train. 

Hammer curls

When you are doing a hammer curl your Brachialis muscle will be trained. These are the small things that you must keep in your mind before doing exercise.

Full moment

You must do a full moment while doing biceps exercise, which means you must do a dicentric moment of the bicep with proper Position. And with controlling your weight you must maximize your stretch to your biceps. Proper stretching and contraction will help you to grow bigger biceps in a very low time.


Many of our gym lovers do a bicep workout. When you are doing bicep curls, then you properly curl the dumbbell while lifting it but they twist it when they do it. In that case, you haven’t got proper stretch to your short head or your long head. Try when you are attempting biceps curls exercise to keep your position the same while contracting and relaxing your muscle.

These very small tips and tricks help you to grow your muscle fast. Mind and muscle connection helps you to Quickly grow your biceps. The time that you spend in the gym utilizes it totally and takes a lot and maximum benefit out of it.

Top 4 exercises for bigger biceps

  1. Barbell bicep curls

The first exercise that we need to perform to grow the bigger biceps is barbell biceps curls. In that, we will train our long head and short head muscles. In that, your wrist should be outer than your elbow.

  1. Incline dumbbell curls

The second exercise that we will perform is inclined dumbbell curls. This is a very effective exercise to grow your peak. In that long, it will be trained very quickly. In this exercise, you must perform a full rotation of your biceps.

  1. Standing dumbbell curls

The third exercise will be standing dumbbell curls with a close grip. In this exercise, your long head muscle and brachial muscles will be trained.

  1. Hammer curves

The last exercise that we need to perform to grow the bigger biceps is hammer curves. This is one of the best exercises to grow your biceps peak. Similar to that in this exercise you need to follow all the tips and tricks that we have discussed above. 


These are my tips and tricks for growing bigger biceps. If you will try these tips and tricks for 1 month you will get some success in it. But you need to majorly focus on your diet plan and proper muscle-mind connection. Because it is very necessary to grow any of our body muscles.

If you love this article and want similar tips and tricks then please comment and we will provide you with such Golden tips and tricks.

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