Eating These 10 Foods Can Help Reduce Visceral Fat, According to Nutritionists

Visceral Fat

this might help enhance weight loss. Protein foods like eggs can help increase satiety, which might help you eat fewer calories throughout the day.”


Fruits are special and may help with that sweet craving that can result in excessive intake of processed foods


This can be really helpful for appetite control especially when the goal is to reduce belly fat


You should be drinking around 6-8 cups of fluids, or at least enough so your urine is a pale yellow in the morning when you go to pee.


Both protein and fat are very important for weight loss as it can help keep you fuller longer.


vegetables are higher in fiber than fruits. And the lower overall calorie intake won’t pack the extra unwanted pounds from excessive calorie intake


Fermented foods contain healthy bacteria which might help reduce inflammation and improve insulin resistance

Fermented foods

Greek yogurt is my favorite protein with probiotics,” says Valdez. “It helps to keep your microbiome filled with healthy bacteria, which may help prevent diseases

Greek yogurt

Sweet potatoes contain both soluble fiber and insoluble fiber, which is good for digestive and heart health

Sweet potatoes